About sue

Hi I’m Sue Dhillon. I’m a writer and former network journalist, but that’s not all.

I’m a Mindfulness Trainer and Reiki Master.

I love inspiration and have dedicated this space to sharing content that I think will be helpful to others. I am here for so many things.

I believe it is my calling to share awesome content with you that may offer you some hope and peace on your journey.

A little about me - I founded suesblues.com more than a decade ago and have recently become very active on this space. I’m also the founder of Blossom Your Awesome where I teach mindfulness and help inspire people to be their most awesome selves.

After a more than two decade journey of self-discovery I’ve come to understand life deeply. I knew through all of my trauma and struggle I needed to learn and share from my pain with others. Look out for my book coming soon - Going Deeper - The Nine Steps To Deeper More Mindful Communication.

And check out my non-profit. www.thecoolfund.org