About sue

Hi I’m Sue Dhillon. I’m a writer and trainer.

I teach Mindfulness and Mindful communication and I’m a trained and certified Reiki Master.

I’m a former network journalist now working independently.

After more than a decade in the network news business having worked in multiple tv newsrooms in multiple markets for ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates. I’m now an independent journalist writing and creating stories online through written word and video.

I love inspiration and have dedicated this space to sharing content I think will be helpful to others.

I believe it is my calling to share inspiration that may offer you some hope and peace on your journey.

A little about me - I founded suesblues.com as a platform to share my passion for storytelling and connecting with awesome people and allowing them a space to share their stories.

I founded Blossom Your Awesome to teach mindfulness and inspire others to be their most awesome selves and live their most awesome lives

After a more than two decade journey of self-discovery I’ve come to understand life deeply. I always knew through all of my trauma and struggle there was deeper reason for it.

Having worked closely with some of the greatest teachers and masters I’m so lucky to be able to share all of that wisdom and insight with others.

You can find me interviewing awesome people, sharing their stories and covering cool stuff in and around the bay. And at times outside of the bay.

Look out for my book coming soon - Deep - The Nine Steps To Deeper More Mindful Communication.