3 Reasons To Know Your Worth

So while there are way more than three I wanted to just start with the three very basic reasons you should never ever doubt your self worth ever again.

Life is so hard and full of ups and downs. At every corner and every turn on this bumpy ride called life we may have to endure something.

And it will test us and try us, but we forge on. We are fierce. We’ve been down this road before. We know we are warriors. And there are times we are dealt blows that can knock us off our feet, but we're bad and we get up. We jump back up. We rise up. We’re up for the comeback. We’re bringing the comeback, rather.

We prefer “falling forward.”

We can see what’s in front of us as we go down so we can more fiercely make our way back up.

That’s the warrior in us. It’s all in the heart. How much heart do you put in it?

How much skin in the game?

How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to get it?

This is the attitude we have to bring to the day. This is how we must meet it. Each and every morning.

And even leave us questioning our own worthiness for more.

  1. You were born. You are unique. There is no one out there like you.

  2. You are passionate. You have purpose.

  3. Be your most awesome you.

LifestyleSue Dhillon