Getting Out Of A Funk - The Hardest And Greatest Thing

Are you in a funk?  Needing to find your way out?. The hardest and greatest thing.  What way is there, but out?

There's surely a way out.I can sit with my despair, but only for so long.  

How long is too long to sit in my sorrow?  

The heartache and grief at times overwhelming.  Stricken with pain and left inebriated.  I cannot move.  I cannot think.  I cannot stay in this funk.  

“from the Despair in which I sit will come strength and resilience to tap into my greatness.”

Sue Dhillon

We all go through it. Life is a big messy pile of shit sometimes and we all have our battles and challenges.  

And I've found all of the times I've sat in sorrow, I mean really sat with it, I've come out a lot stronger on the other side.

There are things in life that are so difficult to digest and then on the other side of digestion is acceptance. That is even harder than digesting.

Accepting is the greatest challenge in life because in the acceptance is the surrender.  In that surrender is the knowledge that there is no other choice.

There is no way out, but simple acceptance and simply being with what is.  As difficult as it may seem.  We, in the end, are always stronger for it.

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