I've Never Meditated Before. How Do I Start?

So there are so many myths around meditation or Mindfulness.

We’re so intimidated by it most of us never get started. Well let me start by saying this. Don’t fall for all the myths.

Much like anything else that turns out to have a major impact on the world and our lives there are many different methods and modalities. Some that are even misleading, but in the end the purpose is to raise your awareness.

So if there was ever a reason to get over the fear and trepidation of meditating based on what you believe to be true of meditation or what you’ve heard than let the benefits of meditation outweigh your fear.

That is the whole point of Mindfulness. (Read and watch Jon Kabat Zinn describe Mindfulness by clicking here.)

So most people live on three levels of consciousness. Waking, sleeping, dreaming. Yes sleeping and dreaming are two different states of consciousness.

However there is a 4th state of consciousness which mindfulness or the practice of meditating. It’s in the mindfulness world it’s also referred to as “restful alertness.”

To learn more about the 4 States of Consciousness check this out.

You’re in a state of rest. You’ve turned all the external stimuli off and you are in a state of resting.

And while there are so many myths what you’re supposed to do and what the purpose and even a really big false theory about turning your thoughts off.

This is not possible. You have to be an anointed Saint or Yogi with decades of training or simply a Guru to be able to do this. These anointed beings are able to go to a fifth dimension. This is where they can actually leave their bodies voluntarily and at will, even if just momentarily.

You will see that many great sages long before us went into a state of Maha Samadhi.

A few Gurus and sages and Saints who did this are Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar Giri Ji, and Kabir just to name a few.