Lifestyle Trends For 2020 - What Might We See More Of

So as we all know trends are fleeting. They come and go. Some not to stay for more then a season, especially in the fashion world, but what about lifestyle trends?

They seem just as fleeting. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Nothing seems good enough to stick. It’s all just a novel idea for a little while and then fades away into some oblivion of ideas and trends that came and went all too soon.

Hence it’s called a trend I suppose. Trend by definition is something that is fashionable for a short period.

  1. Living With A Roomie - this seems to be the new norm and with the way the economy is headed and housing prices soaring most people in big cities are somewhat doomed. Even the suburbs can cost an arm and leg these days.

    Home prices are leveling off finally and we seem like this housing bubble is bursting or deflating for sure, but the cost of housing and rents are still astronomical. When you do the math inflation far out does pay raises.

    So partnering up with a pay seems to be the new norm. Living alone is just not feasible in most big cities unless you’re well into the six figure range. Here in the bay area the cost of living has sky rocketed while the unemployment rate is up and salaries are the same.

  2. Less Is More - yes this is the new cool. We had the more is less trend, but that fell away some years ago and the less is more is making a major comeback. Down sizing, tiny homes, decluttering craze has even taken Netflix by storm as one it’s top features this year. And while the others on this list seem like trends that may or may not less and are again just that trends, very likely short term, this one here is my favorite. From an energetic stand point I love the notion of less is more. Simplifying brings an ease of calm and serenity to your dominion and will sure give you greater peace day in and day out. Less to contend with. It’s kind of like the Mark Zuckerburg or Jim Kwik theory of wearing the same clothes everyday. One less thought to expend. I like this one a lot.

  3. Living Smart - Smart Homes The Wave Of The Future - now this is one I think just goes with the times. Everywhere we look we see the world changing before our very eyes. Unprecedented technological advancements. Smart homes that allow you control everything from your phone even when you’re at work. Programming recordings on your tv, to turning off the lights or closing the garage, setting the alarm or starting your dishwasher. It’s where we are headed. And while the Jetsons might’ve seemed a little far reaching thirty years ago, we’re there. Autonomous vehicles and robots serving us our dinner and doing chores around the house are no longer far fetched ideas of some crazed scientist, but very much here and available to us.

  4. More Conscious Living - I know already said this, but this is also one of my favorite trends that I think may actually last beyond 2020. More conscious living seems to be a real thing. I’m finding people becoming more aware about energy use, recycling, water conservation, occupying less space, hybrid and autonomous driving, solution, the catastrophe happening in the ocean with contaminants from waste. And while a solution maybe far away there is most certainly more dialogue happening around it. And this is a huge first step.